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Romford News

  • Carlton Road Parking Restrictions
  • Go Lydia Go Lydia !!!
  • Go Amy Go Amy Go!!!
  • Zombies Stormed Down Brentwood High Street For New Film
  • Talk21 Email Is Closing
  • What A Dumb Idea Government
  • Queens Spending Our Cash Again!
  • The Best Cabbies Live In Havering
  • Wingletye Is The Only One In The World!
  • Bower Park Celebrate Award

    Carlton Road Parking Restrictions

    I am becoming increasingly frustrated by the parking restrictions Lodge and Glenwood Avenue.

    The road is used as an all day car park by people who go off to work or spend hours shopping. Many park inconsiderately blocking driveways. It also leads to traffic congestion, particularly at school time, and my children often hear people swearing in the street or threatening violence against each other. Also, it is difficult for visitors to park and having items delivered is a nightmare.

    We are asking the council to change the restrictions to bring them in line with the rest of the road and would really welcome support from the residents association to achieve this.

    2015-10-25 23:30:48
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    Go Lydia Go Lydia !!!

    Wow Havering really do produce some celebs another entry into the X Factor this year...Lydia Lucy, 20, sang The Way That You Make Me Feel for her second audition to a packed crowd and won praise from all four judges. And the Collier Row singer is hoping to follow in the footsteps of her brother Luke White who made it to the judges houses stage last year with his band Times Red.
    2013-09-20 09:17:05
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    Go Amy Go Amy Go!!!

    Romford girl Amy Mottram is through to the bootcamp stage of X Factor. The former Bower Park School pupil returned to the show and hopes to have more success this time around. Last year she lost out to the wildcard entry Christopher Maloney ahead of the live shows.
    2013-09-20 09:14:03
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    Zombies Stormed Down Brentwood High Street For New Film

    You may have been forgiven for thinking it was the end of the world if you walked through Brentwood on Sunday. But the zombies invading the high street were helping film the final scenes of new horror film Welcome to Essex. It sees a small group of survivors trapped in Brentwood trying to escape to Southend and avoid the zombies. On Sunday more than 500 people travelled from around the country to film a scene where they chase two people down the high street. The film is due to be released in January.
    2013-09-20 09:12:21
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    Talk21 Email Is Closing

    If you use as your email account BT are closing it and deleting all of your emails on the 30th Sept. Here is a Quick Guide to back up ALL of your emails. How to migrate your talk21 email
    2013-09-06 02:08:08
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    What A Dumb Idea Government

    What A Dumb Idea Government The Residents' Association have backed proposals by the House of Lords to allow Councils to opt out of government plans to allow extensions and conservatories of up to 26ft to be built without planning permission. Can you imagine what itd be like, less or no building regulations, cowboy builders rife and getting rich, your next door neighbour being able to build a 26ft extension right next door to you!!!! Read more!
    2013-04-13 23:50:01
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    Queens Spending Our Cash Again!

    Another storey hits the headlines after a FOI (freedom of information) request was obtained regarding the highest paid shift at our failing hospital BHRT including Queens, King George and Barking hospitals! 2,400 yes you did hear right.

    This comes after the trust paid an IT consultant 800 per day to show the previous IT Director Simon Vaughan how to do his own job! This was unknown to the trust board and both were promptly removed for various misconduct issues and walked off the premises. Unbelievably Simon Vaughan is back working for the NHS!

    Also the old interim HR Director having his minicab paid for from Cambridge to Haroldwood EVERY DAY!
    2013-04-13 23:41:46
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    The Best Cabbies Live In Havering

    Users of have placed Haverings cabbies as the best in London. The hotel finding website held a vote and we came out on top! We love our cabbies now we have proof of what we aleady knew, they're the best!
    2013-04-13 23:33:22
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    Wingletye Is The Only One In The World!

    Wingletye is Unique Did you know Wingletye Lane is the only one in the world? Well it's true the road that houses The Campion School for Boys and Emerson Park is the only road / lane in the world with that name.
    2013-03-13 10:24:19
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    Bower Park Celebrate Award

    Bower Park Celebrate Award Formally Chase Cross, Bower Park has won an award for its educational improvements!
    2013-03-13 10:21:43
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